Lulu in the skies

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just a few pics

here i am .. looking a lil miserable
then.. a lil shishaaing

cool classic car on the road

7 11 stop

heres a few pics to let you know whats goin on for the past week.. to lazy to describe it into words.. lol.. 

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Being Green

Personally , green aint really my favourite colour. But that doesnt stop me from Being part of the green. Something for sure the world's not getting greener by the day, and sometimes we just lay there hopelessly looking that our surrounding that we onced known had really just gone down the drain. We grow old, we drive, we smoke, we burn, we dip, we throw certainly a great deal of bollocks to nature. But hey, its part of growing up they say. When tiny lil pots of plant in the house can only remind us of how greener the world has been. When houses were built next to a giant tree, when Forests surrounds community and not the other way round. Looking at the future.. Green .. would merely be a nice wallpaper on the wall, greener as it may look only to hold sorrow, of what it had consumed.........

Friday, May 2, 2008

Central Market the 'in' thing

Yep.. it just happens to be that all those big malls and state of the art escalators and shiny glossy display glass windows no longer interests us.. Just walking down CM made us more comfortable being just part of the community that appreciates themselves and the things around rather than starring at an incredible petit yet el grande expensive handbags with salesgirl hovering around in search of big spenders.

Where do our feet bring us? To central market annexe.. crowded as iT may look, it's source of attraction are endless. the gajah gajah (pronouced so cutely by miss moon) gallery would welcome us to the entrance of the annexe. Several other artgalleries along the walkways exhibits most surreal and exquisite artforms of famous people or just even a happily married couple wanting to have they're picture memorably painted. Just on the first floor, we'd always stop over the art gallery full with indie arts. Remember how we use to make colourful drawings and proudly stick it on the fridge with fridgemagnets hopping for the glory to hear wonderful critics from our dearly families? well.. things dont change that much.. but the arts does.. Here we see many wonderful artforms and sculptures expressing unspoken words and meaningful wallhangings. In fact, one of the arts captured the heart of our friend Syed as we were browsing there .. He'd bought one, and here i believe.. the arts had done their job well by captivating their audience............... to be continued

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aha.. A fresh start indeed!

Oh well, ive not been bloggin for sometime now.. and i finally thought i ought to one way or another.. So here it is, me blogging again!.. I am now on holiday, havent got anything much to do except to follow the addictive episodes of Project Runway 4.. Been havin a lil fever lately, but ive got it all covered now.. Waited for my lovies from Acheh.. and they're back now!.. Got a cousin from Australlia that i should attend to soon ( he's gettin bored by the day he said) and not to mention, Farhan's finally got to put together a neat cinema at home.. There's no more goin to cinema for me now.. Ive got his!.. Awsome piece of equipment.